いきなりですが、昨夜のチャットの内容のご紹介です。with I san

Chat with "I" san who the person from Pakistan and working in Japan, he is 26 years old, and he call me everytime, "Mom", last night 11:30

I san  Hello mom
     How are you

Suzu  Hi, I san,
          I am fine. How are you?

I san   I am also fine just tired a little this week

Suzu  You have two days off?

I san   No only Sunday this week

Suzu  Oh, really? You need to work tomorrow.

I san   Yes tomorrow is work

Suzu   What time are you going to work from?

I san    Morning 5:30 am

Suzu    Oh, you need to go to bed earlier.

I san    Yes but I can’t sleep

Suzu    How about count sheep, in Japan, when we can not sleep, count sheep, there is               one sheep, there are two sheeps, there are three sheeps,,,,,,

I san     Hahaha counting sheep?

Suzu      Yes, finally, there are one thousand 2 hundred thirty two sheeps,,,

I san      Ohh waaaw haha

Suzu      You cannot sleep at all.

I san      Yes mom actually my body very tired today it’s pain

Suzu      How about to drink alcohol?Bear or Sake?
              Oh, you cannot drink. Right?

I san       But I will drive early in morning abunai

Suzu       Yes, it is almost 5 or 6 hours rest. そう、危ない。

I san        Yes I can’t drink

Suzu       Anyway, you need to go to bed right now.
               Good night, my son.

I san       I am already in bed trying to sleep but not sleepy

Suzu       Don't forget to counting sheep. OK?

I san       Yes